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digital kanga news Advertising rates 

Advertising Rate Card and Specifications 2015

Published monthly on the 1st of every month

Digital Kanga NewsMonthly RateDimensionsHyperlink in Kanga News 
Premium Full Page (Pages 2 & 4)$4500A4 (210mm x 297 mm)add $500
Full Page$3000A4 (210mm x 297 mm)add $500
1/2 Page - Portrait$2000 A5 (210mm x 148.5mm)add $500
1/2 Page - Landscape$2000 A5 (210mm x 148.5mm)add $500
Classified (*12 month contract only)$1000*63mm x 36mmN/A
Advertorial - Face to Face Interview by Editor$5000 400 words + 2 photos add $500 
Advertorial - Interview by phone or email by Editor$4500 400 words + 2 photos  add $500  
Advertorial - Raw Copy provided by Client$3000400 words + 2 photos  add $500   

 Discounts  Month to Month   3 Month Contract  6 Month Contract  12 Month Contract
 Premium, Full Page & Half Page Ad  n/a  n/a  5%  10%
 Classified Ad* (*12 month contract only)  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a

 Guidelines Instructions
 Format Advertising/Logos: PDF - File with all fonts outlined and images embedded
Photos: JPEG
 Colour Mode RGB
 Resolution (Photos/Images/Logos) Min 150dpi
 Bleed  n/a
 Crop Marks Yes please!
*Subject to weekend and public holiday variations
15th of each month*
19th of each month*

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